Belt Conveyors

We are specialize in supplier of Belt Conveyors, which is used for carrying material from one end to another. We provide our range in various lengths and widths as per requirements of our clients. Moreover, our range is acknowledged for its robust construction, high load carrying capacity and energy efficiency

Cleated Belt Conveyors

High tensile strength cleated belts offer superior strength- to-weight ratio and are available in various styles and heights up to 40 meters. Cleats are welded to suit the customer desired spacing and never glued to the top surface of the belt. All components of our conveyors are produced on state- of- the- art manufacturing equipment. We are supplier of cleated belts conveyors

Apron Conveyor

Apron conveyors are constructed of a series of pans with rimped edges to ensure minimum material loss. Apron conveyors are ideally matched to the special demands involved in the transportation of hot materials.The tried- and – tested mechanical components of apron conveyor technology and we are supplier of apron conveyor

Roller Conveyor

We offer wide range of Roller Conveyors is suitable for light conveying applications. Roller Conveyors are ideally suited for conveying items up to 20kgs such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes or other items of such size and weight. The rotating rollers push the product along the conveyor while the shaft is usually driven by an electrical motor, supplier of roller conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag chain Conveyor range to cater to the varying capacity,environmental,geographic and service requirements Drag Chain Conveyors are used to convey large capacities of material through smaller cross sections using less horse power. The Drag Chain Conveyors are completely enclosed for dust free operation, supplier of Drug Chain Conveyor.

Deep Bucket Elevator

TEPL are one of the prominent deep bucket elevator manufacturers and suppliers from India. The system of deep bucket elevator uses double strand roller chains which are exclusively meant to tackle hot and abrasive materials. The deep elevator provided by us consume least power while they lift materials. These are known for their high strength and sturdy built.

Coal Cursher

Tescon Groups offers a comprehensive range of coal crushers, including jaw crushers, impact crushers, and hammer mills. Their coal crushers are known for their high efficiency, durability, and reliability, making them an ideal choice for various applications in the mining, power generation, and mineral processing industries.

Vibrating Screen

Tescon Groups’ recent creation, the Vibrating Screen, redefines efficiency in coal and husk handling systems. A marvel of engineering, it optimizes material separation with precision. This innovation reflects Tescon’s dedication to advancing industrial solutions, enhancing performance, and exemplifying excellence in the handling of diverse materials for a streamlined and effective process.

Ash Silo

Tescon Group’s Ash Silo stands as a testament to engineering prowess. A towering structure meticulously crafted, it symbolizes efficient waste management and environmental responsibility. This project underscores Tescon’s commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions. As the Ash Silo reaches skyward, it mirrors a dedication to shaping a cleaner, greener future – a concrete embodiment of progress in construction and environmental stewardship.

Dust Collector Bag Filters

Dust collector bag fillter

Dust Collector Bag Filters are vital in industrial settings, efficiently capturing airborne particles and maintaining air quality. Versatile and effective, they handle various dust types seamlessly. These filters ensure a clean and safe environment, employing a systematic filtration process to enhance workplace air quality and mitigate potential health hazards.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are essential material handling tools, efficiently transporting bulk materials and breaking down chunks. Versatile in handling diverse materials, whether dry, coarse, sluggish, or liquid, they ensure seamless conveyance. Organizing materials by size and strength at the inlet, screw conveyors smoothly move a predetermined quantity from entrance to exit, maintaining precision throughout.

Submerged Chain Belt Conveyor

Submerged Chain Belt Conveyors excel in bulk material handling, particularly in abrasive or corrosive environments. Their submerged design enhances durability and minimizes wear. Ideal for various materials, these conveyors efficiently move bulk substances, showcasing reliability and adaptability in demanding industrial applications.

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